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Low Temperature Growth of Smooth Indium Tin Oxide Films by UV Assisted Pulsed Laser Deposition

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Autori: V. Craciun, C. Chiritescu, F. Kelly, R.K. Singh

Editorial: Journal of Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials, 4 (1), 2002.


Thin indium tin oxide (ITO) films were grown on Si substrates from room temperature up to 150
oC by conventional and in situ ultraviolet-assisted pulsed laser deposition (UVPLD) techniques.
Atomic force microscopy and x-ray reflectivity techniques were employed to characterize the
surface morphology of the ITO films both on a microscopic and macroscopic scale. Roughness
values (rms) below 0.5 nm were routinely achieved on films grown by the UVPLD technique.

Cuvinte cheie: optoelectronics and new advanced materials