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Complex Nuclei in Articulatory Phonology: The Case of Romanian Diphthongs

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Autori: Stefania Marin

Editorial: Randall Gess and Edward Rubin, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Romance Linguistics. Selected papers from the 34th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Salt Lake City, March 2004, p.161-177, 2005.


This paper examines complex nuclei, as an instance of syllable complexity, taking as a concrete example the Romanian phonological diphthong /ea/. This paper proposes a theoretical Articulatory Phonology analysis of complex nucleus effects and provides experimental evidence that such a proposal is warranted and preferable to existing analyses.

Cuvinte cheie: diftongii romanesti, fonologie articulatorie, structura silabica // Romanian diphthongs, Articulatory phonology, complex nuclei, syllable structure