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CEA Cadarache Post doctoral position on FIR polarimetry

C.E.A. Cadarache
Département de la Recherche sur la Fusion Contrôlée
Service de Chauffage et de Confinement des Plasmas
13108 Saint Paul lez Durance- France

Post doctoral position on the Tore Supra FIR Polarimeter diagnostic

Magnetic thermonuclear fusion is one of the most promising energy sources for the future, and CEA Cadarache plays an important role in Plasma Physics and Technology Research with the presence of the Tore Supra Tokamak, for the moment the only major one in the world able to sustain very long plasma discharges.

The Far Infrared Polarimeter diagnostic is an essential diagnostic for the determination of the plasma current profile. The measurements are continuous during the plasma discharges and the diagnostic is aimed to contribute to actively control the current profile with a feed-back on the plasma heating systems, which is an important issue for the next step fusion machines.

The diagnostic is based on the Faraday rotation angle measurement of the electric field of a FIR laser beam (195 m) traversing the plasma volume, from which the poloïdal magnetic field and thereby the plasma current can be deduced by inversion of the line integral measurements. It is associated with the interferometer diagnostic, which measures the plasma electron density and shares the same optics.

The diagnostic is now operational but the Faraday angles measurements are for the moment significantly different from the predictions of the simulation codes and this phenomenon is not fully understood. Moreover, they are presently not precise enough for determining the current profile by direct inversion.

The aim of the proposed work is to evaluate the sensitivity of the diagnostic in current profile variation (Faraday angle variations), to initiate and contribute to the possible improvements at the different steps of the measurement, and to improve the strategy for current profile determination from the Faraday angle measurements.

The position will consist in:
-Analysing the Faraday angle measurements and comparing them with the predictions of the simulation codes.
– Evaluating the needed developments to improve the precision of the measurement.
– Participating in the diagnostic exploitation and in the technological present and future developments.
– Participating in the Physics working groups of Tore Supra as an expert in current profile evolution.

The candidate should have ability for experimental work, for diagnostic modelling, and for using the existing analysis software (Matlab). Experience on this kind of diagnostic and/or in plasma physics would be a plus.

Position will be opened in 2008.


Dr Philippe Lotte ( Telephone: (33) 4 42 25 49 57
Dr Christophe Gil ( (33) 4 42 25 49 26

Applications should be submitted by email or Post Office (CV + motivation letter).
Closing date: 30 September 2007.

Dr Philippe Lotte
CEA Cadarache
13108 Saint Paul lez Durance