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A Cross-Lingual Romanian to English Question Answering System

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Autori: 1. Georgiana Puşcaşu, Adrian Iftene, Ionuţ Pistol, Diana Bãlaşa, Dan Tufiş, Alin Ceauşu, Dan Ştefãnescu, Constantin Orãşan, Iustin Dornescu, Radu Ion, Dan Cristea

Editorial: Peters, C.; Clough, P.; Gey, F.C.; Karlgren, J.; Magnini, B.; Oard, D.W.; de Rijke, M.; Stempfhuber, M., Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 4730, p.385-394, 2007.


This paper describes the development of a Question Answering (QA) system and its evaluation results in the Romanian-English cross-lingual track organized as part of the CLEF 2006 campaign. The development stages of the cross-lingual Question Answering system are described incrementally throughout the paper, at the same time pinpointing the problems that occurred and the way they were addressed. The system adheres to the classical architecture for QA systems, debuting with question processing followed, after term translation, by information retrieval and answer extraction. Besides the common QA difficulties, the track posed some specific problems, such as the lack of a reliable translation engine from Romanian into English, and the need to evaluate each module individually for a better insight into the system’s failures.

Cuvinte cheie: siteme de intrebare rasppuns in domenii deschise, limba romana // question answering in open domanins, Romanian language