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Kema Arc Model Parameters Evaluation

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Autori: Cividjian, G.A.; Silvis-Cividjian, N.G.; Klejch, J.

Editorial: IEEE CNF, Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipments, 1998. OPTIM '98. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on, 1, May 14-15, p.215-220, 1998.


Using an analytical expression for arc voltage before the voltage maximum and considering a linearly decreasing current, a method for the evaluation of defining model parameters, from oscillograms obtained from synthetic tests, is described. The initial values, taken from oscillograms are: the current slope and the linear current at voltage zero, the maximum voltage with the corresponded time and the voltage and time at the beginning of the oscillogram. The method is in good agreement with the experiment

Cuvinte cheie: Black Box Arc Model