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Alternativ Solutions for Protection against Waterhammer of Small Hydro.

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Autori: Mihail Popescu,Dan Marinovici,Liliana Cecan,Paul Vlase.

Editorial: Proceedings of the HydroVision Conference,Montreal,Quebec,Canada,August 16-20 ,, 2004.


The paper analyses the possibility of using the Air Chamber alternative for the protection agaist waterhammer of Small Hydro in comparison with the classical solution with Surge Tank,which is currently utilised.For this analysis the results of a case hydraulic study have been used.This study was caried out for the design of two Small Hydro in Romania, that are now in operation.

Cuvinte cheie: Microhidrocentrale,Soc hidraulic,Rezervor de aer,Castel de echilibru // Small Hydro,Waterhammer,Air chamber,Surge tank