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Virtual prototype of a dual-axis tracking system used for photovoltaic panels

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Catalin Alexandru, Claudiu Pozna

Editorial: Proceedings of the 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics - ISIE'08 (IEEE / IES - Industrial Electronics Society), DOI 10.1109/ISIE.2008.4676923, p.1598-1603, 2008.


In this paper, we present a solution for increasing the efficiency of the photovoltaic systems. The idea is to design a dual-axis tracking system, which changes the position of the photovoltaic panel for maximizing the incident radiation on panel. The tracking system is approached in mechatronic concept, integrating the control system in the mechanical model of the tracking system. The virtual model is a control loop composed by the multibody mechanical model connected with the dynamic model of the actuators and with the controller model. Using the virtual prototype, we are able to optimize the tracking mechanism, choose the appropriate actuators, and design the optimal controller. The keyword for the design process of the tracking system is the energetic efficiency; our design strategy is to maximize the incoming solar radiation, and to minimize the energy consumption for tracking the sun path on the sky dome.

Cuvinte cheie: virtual prototype, solar tracker, mechatronic system, optimization