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The Fuzzy Interpolative Control for Passive Greenhouses

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Autori: Balas M.M., Balas V. E.

Editorial: Horia-Nicolai Teodorescu, Junzo Watada, Lakhmi C. Jain, Springer, : INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES: METHODS AND APPLICATIONS Book Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence , Volume: 217 , p.219-231, 2009.


The passive greenhouses are independent of any conventional energetic infrastructures (electricity, gas, hot water, etc.) They are relying exclusively on alternative energy sources: sun, wind, geo-thermal, etc. Their extensive use facilitates a massive ecological reconstruction of our planet, that could eventually reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and the consequent global heating. The paper is approaching the passive greenhouses control, proposing a fuzzy-interpolative controller with internal model. Simulations performed with a structural model are provided.

Cuvinte cheie: passive greenhouse, ecological reconstruction, computer model, fuzzy interpolative controller