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New Journal Issue: ANGELAKI (Special Issue on Philosophy in Eastern Europe)


Volume 15 Issue 3 2010

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new (special topic) issue of ANGELAKI, which is available online at:

Topic: “The Unbearable Charm of Fragility. Philosophizing in/on Eastern Europe”

Guest Editor: Costica Bradatan (The honors College, Texas Tech University)


Editorial Introduction:

“Geography and Fragility,” by Costica Bradatan
Pages 1 – 8

Section I: Uncomfortable Identities

„Interwar Southeastern Europe Confronts the West. The New Generation: Cioran, Yanev, Popovic,” by Keith Hitchins
Pages 9 – 26

„Poststructuralism in Georgia. The Phenomenology of the ‘Objects-Centaurs’ of Merab Mamardashvili,” by Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover
Pages 27 – 39

„Familiar affairs. Tracing Croatian Theoretical Normality,” by Aleksandar Mijatovic & Aljosa Puzar
Pages 41 – 51

„What is Eastern Europe? A Philosophical Approach,” by Julia Sushytska
Pages 53 – 65

Section II: Geographies of Pain

„On the Meaning of Life in the Age of the Most Meaningless Death,” by Costica Bradatan
Pages 67 – 85

„Apocalyptic Writing, Trauma and Community in Imre Kertész’s Fateless,” by Magdalena Zolkos
Pages 87 – 98

„The Fragility of It All” by Krzysztof Michalski (trans. Magdalena Zolkos)
Pages 99 – 108

Section III: 1989

„The revolutions Of 1989. Twenty years later,” Michael Bernhard
Pages 109 – 122

„Marx on 1989, by G. M. Tamas
Pages 123 – 137

„Jamming the Critical Barrels. The Legacies of Totalitarian Thinking,” by Aviezer Tucker
Pages 139 – 152

Section IV: The New Europe

„Voices from Central Europe. Bauman, Kertesz and Zizek in Search of Europe,” by Mare van den Eeden
Pages 153 – 167

„Europe in the Mode of ‘as if.’ Jozef Tischner’s Goral Philosophy,” by Anita Starosta
Pages 169 – 183

„Europe Speaks. Linguistic Diversity and Politics,” by Jan Sokol
Pages 185 – 193

Review Essay:

„Mihai Sora’s Philosophy of Dialogue,” by Adrian Nita
Pages 195 – 198


Book Reviews by Alin Fumurescu, Izabela Szyroka and Radu H. Dinu
Pages 199 – 204


Notes on the contributors
Pages 205 – 207

Costica Bradatan, PhD
Assistant Professor

Texas Tech University
The Honors College
PO Box 41017
Lubbock, TX 79409