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Development Model for a Rural Community Located in the Mountain Area of Romania – the Tourism Holding

Domenii publicaţii > Economie + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Tanase Mihail Ovidiu, Minciu Rodica, Nistoreanu Puiu

Editorial: AcademicaTuristica, 1-2/2009, p.36-42, 2009.


The airing of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth meant the Nobel Prize for Al Gore and has created an unprecedented state of awareness for millions of people all around the world. Nowadays, an ever increasing number of people is growing concerned with the environment and actually engage in positive action. This work is a step in that direction–development and economic progress through environment protection. We all have some readily available activities, through which we could contribute to creating a healthier environment. But couldn’t we do more if we joined forces? This paper intends to offer an answer to this question by presenting a model of eco-tourist development for a certain region. The interactions between firms will rest upon new foundations and will be analysed form fresh perspectives. By working independently, any company stands by far lesser chances to fulfil its intentions, but by acting together with other firms, its chances improve significantly. The local economic environment will benefit a strong positive impulse towards developing and diversifying its economic activity, which will prove beneficial both for the local community as well as for the visiting tourists. These will encounter an original tourist product, rooted in the local traditions and customs, adapted to the current demands presented by the market, in full compliance with the eco-tourist principles. Competition will be replaced by cooperation in most areas:
Company vs. Company; Public authority vs. Company; Workforce vs. Company.
By surpassing the limits of the free market economy, a new model for eco-tourism development will emerge, applicable to any region, which, if implemented, will benefit the entire local community by:
Establishing a modern infrastructure, which helps reduce waste and pollution; Revitalizing the local traditions and customs; Halting the immigration of young workforce towards the urban areas;
Creating a tourism attraction point; Developing the local economy in a harmonious fashion and improving living standards. To conclude, the eco-tourist holding creates local inter-dependencies among involved stakeholders and reduces the competition relations for a greater good–eco-tourism and durable development.

Cuvinte cheie: model de dezvoltare, comunitate rurala, holding turistic // Development Model, Rural Community, Tourism Holding