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Chemical variability of some natural populations of Ajuga sp. from the north-eastern part of Romania

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Autori: Hemcinschi, A., Gille, E., Necula, R., Danila, D., Trifan, A., Stanescu, U.

Editorial: Planta Medica, 75, p.931, 2009.


Seven natural populations of Ajuga reptans L. and eight of A. genevensis L., harvested in June, 2008, from four counties situated in the north-eastern part of Romania, were investigated to determine their content of flavonoids, polyphenolic acids and iridoids in order to appreciate the inter- and intraspecific chemical variability.

Using the TLC qualitaive investigation technique, we resorted to spectrophotometry for the quantitative determination and completed with the HPLC analysis for a better appreciation of the spectrum similarities and differencies from the polyphenolic compounds group.

The study showed the existence of an intraspecific variability for the populations belonging to the same genus, which is, probably, linked to the pedoclimatic offer of the original location. In the same time, we noticed that the flavonoidic fraction is constituted, in the case of both species, of aglycones, a fact already known by literature [1], exception being a single sample of A. genevensis, in which we identified a reduced quantity of luteolin-7-glucoside.

Likewise, there exists an interspecific variability, especially at the level of polyphenolic acids, for A. reptans characteristic being the rosmarinic acid, while for A. genevensis it is the chlorogenic acid. In this respect, in the non-volatile monoterpens, the officinal species presents three components, while for A. genevensis their number is of two.

Acknowledgements: The work is sustained in the PNCDI-2 program financed by the Romanian Government – National R&D Agency.

References: [1] Nikolova, M., Asenov, A. (2006) Nat. Prod. Res. 20:103-106.

Cuvinte cheie: Ajuga reptans, Ajuga genevensis, CSS, HPLC, luteolin-7-glucozida, acid rozmarinic, acid clorogenic // Ajuga reptans, Ajuga genevensis, TLC, HPLC, luteolin-7-glucoside, rosmarinic acid, chlorogenic acid