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Autori: Aileni Raluca Maria , Daniela Farimă, Mihai Ciocoiu

Editorial: Modtech 2011 ISI Proceedings, 2011.


The paper presents the virtual garment simulation in virtual environment. The first step is to define the cloth properties and the environmental forces acting on the cloth. The collision objects on this simulation are the virtual human body and the textile surface. Simulation of dynamic behavior requires the knowledge of the textile surface forces acting on the cloth surface, the nature of collisions that take place, the rendering, the laws of dynamic (forces, acceleration and velocity) and the constraint points. For this we use the particle-system based modeling technique for defining the cloth. The dynamic simulation involves the body and fabric movement. For dynamic simulation is useful to use a hierarchical segmentation for redesigning the human body deformation in motion.
The results of this simulation can be used for virtual reality, video games software, avatars and for create virtual prototypes.

Cuvinte cheie: dynamic, simulation, garment, mannequin, motion, segmentation.