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Functionalized Polyvinyl Alcohol Derivatives Thin Films for Controlled Drug Release and Targeting Systems: MAPLE Deposition and Morphological, Chemical and In Vitro Characterization

Domenii publicaţii > Fizica + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: R. Cristescu, C. Cojanu, A. Popescu, S. Grigorescu, L. Duta, I.N Mihailescu, G. Caraene, R. Albulescu, L. Albulescu, A. Andronie, I. Stamatin, A. Ionescu, D. Mihaiescu, T. Buruiana, D. B. Chrisey

Editorial: Applied Surface Science, 255, p.5600-5604, 2009.


We report thin film deposition of polyvinyl alcohol functionalized with carboxylic groups bound to
aromatic nucleus (PVACOOH) by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE). We used a KrF*
excimer laser source (l = 248 nm, t = 25 ns, n ¼ 5 Hz). The obtained thin films have been investigated by
FTIR, AFM, and in vitro tests. We identified the best compromise between the parameters of laser
processing and characteristics of nanostructured thin films of PVACOOH in terms of porosity and similar
composition with those of starting material

Cuvinte cheie: Controlled drug release, Porous polymers, Matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation, In vitro