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Serum Cytokines and Cancer in Involuntary Weight Loss

Domenii publicaţii > Ştiinţe medicale + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Baicus C, Caraiola S, Rimbas M, Patrascu R, Baicus A; for the GSSPI

Editorial: J Investig Med, 60 (5), p.827-829, 2012.


BACKGROUND: Tumor necrosis factor alpha; (TNF-alpha), interleukin 1beta (IL-1beta), and IL-6 may
be associated with involuntary weight loss in patients with and without cancer. However, results of previous studies have been conflicting. We evaluated patients who had involuntary weight loss to determine cytokine levels and the correlation
of these cytokines with weight loss, the association with inflammation, and the
potential for use in cancer diagnosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In 290 consecutive
patients with involuntary weight loss (74 patients [26%] with cancer and 216
patients [74%] without cancer), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), and serum
levels of C-reactive protein, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-6 were determined. RESULTS:
Higher ESR and levels of C-reactive protein, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-6 were associated with cancer. The levels of TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-6 did not correlate with the amount of weight loss. In multivariable analysis, only ESR was associated with cancer. CONCLUSIONS: In patients with involuntary weight loss, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-6 were associated with cancer but were not weight loss

Cuvinte cheie: involuntary weight loss, cancer, cytokines