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Organochlorine pesticides residues and heavy metals in soil and vegetables

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Autori: Hura C; B.A.Hura, C.Perju, V.Stoleru

Editorial: TOXICOLOGY LETTERS, Volume 211, Supplement, p.Pages S1-S, 2012.


In this paper are presented the research results obtained in 2010/2011, regarding the assessment of some organochlorine pesticide residues and the assessment of the heavy metals (lead, cadmium, copper) from 80 soils samples and 25 vegetables samples from different growing systems (ecological and conventional).
Methods: Determination of the organochlorine pesticide residues in soil and vegetables samples were performed by Gas chromatograph (GC Shimadzu, model 2100), equipped with an electron capture detector. Determination of the heavy metals in soil and vegetables samples was performed by atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) – Schimadzu 6300, graphite furnace and autosampler.
Results and conclusion:
1. In soil samples harvest from conventional ferm on Roman Farm and Tg.Frumos Farm were detected Endosulfan I (range 0.002 – 0.015mg/kg); Endrin aldehide (range 0.004 – 0.01 mg/kg) and Endosulfan sulfate (0.001 mg/kg)
Lead and cadmium concentrations ranged from 4.51 to 6.58 mg/kg and from 0.14 to 0.4 mg/kg, respectively. Cooper concentrations ranged from 20.73 to 31.59 mg/kg.

2. In vegetable samples from conventional farm, the content of organochlorine pesticide residues in some samples analysed were none detectable. In others samples, tomatoes, papper were detected heptachlor epoxid residues (range 0.001 – 0.006 mg/kg); endosulfan I residues (range 0.001 – 0.003 mg/kg) and endrin aldehide residues, but in admissible limits (< 0.01 mg/kg). Lead concentrations ranged from 0.0 (tomatoes) to 4.35 mg/kg(cabbage); cooper concentrations ranged from 0.2 mg/kg (cucumber) to 0.80 mg/kg(eggplant); manganese concentrations ranged from 0.0 mg/kg (tomatoes) to 0.60 mg/kg(eggplant).The cadmium concentrations not detected in no vegetable samples.

Cuvinte cheie: vegetale, sol, pesticide // vegetables. soil, pesticides