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The impact of organic and mineral fertilizers on the Yield and minerals contents of Fabaceae from permanent grassland

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Autori: Monica Hãrmãnescu, Alexandru Moisuc, Iosif Gergen*

Editorial: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal , 11(1), p.87 –, 2012.


This paper presents original studies about the influence of mineral and/or organic fertilization on the minerals contents (P, Na, K,
Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni and Pb) in leguminous plants from permanent grassland situated in a hill area of Banat County.
Determination of minerals in grassland is very important both for the nutritional or toxic effects of these elements and their
compounds, in the plants, animals and environment. Phosphorous was analyzed colorimetric and all the others metals have been
analyzed using flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS). The correlations between minerals contents and mineral or
organic fertilizers are discussed in terms of multivariate analysis. Both fertilizers type influence the minerals contents of the
leguminous plants, but in different manner. To obtain a good yield in leguminous plants with minimum influence in grassland
environment, the mixed fertilizers is recommended. Principal Component and Classification Analysis can be an important tool
for understanding the complex phenomena in biological systems, for the correlations between environment properties and human
activities and also for environmental system modeling and optimization.

Cuvinte cheie: complex fertilizers, forage, leguminous, minerals, multivariate analysis