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Oncology researsching purpose

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Autori: L. Pfeffel

Editorial: 2013.


It’s well known that the invincibility of the cancer is moastly due to it’s cameleon strategy, because of which the spectrum of the antybodies secreted by human cells proves to be helpless.
I imagined,in theory, a which, in case could make the obiect of investigation, may confirm or infirm this way of combating cancer.
Researching proposal :
Schematicley,theese things could be reprezented in the following way:
-patients A and B,boath having cancer, eventually izogrup blood, IzoRH, being in the some stage or in different stages of the diseases evolution, donate tumoural tissue and imunoglobulinic serum to each other.
-we call a,b,c,d the series of antibodies being in patient A’s blood at the moment and e,f,g,k the series of antibodies in patient B’s bood at the moment.
-we call a”,b” ,c”,d”, the antigenic series of the surface antigenes manifested in that moment by the tumoural tissue B, grafted to patient A.
In theory, the antibodies’spectrum in the blood of patients A and B becomes superiour after the tumoural tissue transfer ( rejection tendency). Besides, certain specific particles or individual substances contained in cancer cells of secondary tumoural tissue ( grafted tissue) could become antigens that can be found also in their own cancer cells.
The antibodies that will attach to the primary tumoural tissue and the metastatic cells will grow in time, the antigenic properties making them become a real targed.
Of chourse this transfer should be repeated.
What will practically happen , I’m hoping to find out with Your help.

Thank You,
With gratitude dr. Liviu Pfeffel,

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