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High-Surfaces.Issues about Identity, Density, Future Intensive Developments, Image and Landscape

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte umaniste + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Marina Mihaila

Editorial: Mirela Amariei, LUMEN PUBLISHING HOUSE, Lumen International Scientific Conference, April 2013, Iasi, Romania, isbn 978-973-166-344-9, p.272, 2013.



‘High-surfaces’ is a concept developed within the doctoral thesis of the author, in the context of built
constructed areas of the city, developed either vertically or horizontally, or both. The tendency of developing and
increasing active surfaces of the city are related to the population rapid growth in the big cities, to the
incapacity of the city to develop its limits fast, and also to the negotiation between the local actors to develop a
sustainable future urban environment. ‘High-surfaces’ is a new notion introduced by the author to explain
also the tendency evolution of the new building insertion in the urban space, evolved as tower, skyscraper, highrise,
the present super tall high-rise; ‘high-surfaces’ is the tendency from the future unknown city. In present,
the tendency claim the land surfaces, the empty of green areas, rebuild city identity, image scale and landmark,
in a new establishment of built landscape.
Big major cities in the world have some answers to the issues about identity, density, future intensive
developments, image and landscape. The iconic, green or based sustainable building are already experimented,
to refresh the mass vertical developed areas. But also the ‘junk-space and ‘non-place’ are concepts that are
developed to remember the important emotional aspects of the built environment.
Though as a manifestation in time through history, ‘high-surfaces’ is also an equation between architectural
concept and possible technology in different times; it is linked to the humankind visions but also techniques
and need for space.

Keywords: City, urban space, architecture, high-rise developments, future concepts;

Cuvinte cheie: arhitectura, arta, cultura, antropologie, urbanism, spatiu cultural // Architecture, Art, Culture, Anthropology, Urban Planing, Cultural Space