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Contributii ale cercetarii din Romania la utilizarea teledetectiei satelitare in agricultura secolului XXI. In: Al VIII-lea Congres Mondial de Stiinta Solului. Pledoarie pentru Sol, pp. 169-193. Romanian Academy Publisher, 2015.

Autori: Ruxandra VINTILA

Editorial: Romanian Academy Publisher, Pleading for Soil (ISBN 978-973-27-2523-8), p.169 - 193, 2015.


Firstly, the achievements carried out in Romania in the period 1960 -1980 are briefly presented, with emphasis on soil and land use mapping based on LANDSAT satellite imagery. Secondly, the most relevant scientific results are synthesized regarding the optical properties of soils, leaves, and vegetation canopy, obtained worldwide in the period 1980-2000. They led to different approaches of the soil cover, which were proposed in Romania – in the framework of remote sensing – namely, synthetic, analytic, taxonomic, agronomic, and holistic approaches. Finally, relevant contributions, which were obtained after the year 2000 are presented referring, on one hand, to the use of radar satellite data for the soil moisture estimation, and, on the other hand, to optical data for the crop state assessment, based on estimates of leaf area index and chlorophyll pigments. These results are important as they can be cost-effectively improved in the new era starting in 2014, which is characterized by freely available satellite data of high technical qualities, acquired by the European SENTINEL satellites.