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Databases of Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, and their participation in the European soil information continuum. AgroChemistry and Soil Science. Collected papers, 83, pp. 5-17, 2015.

Autori: Rousseva, S., Rozloga, I., Lungu, M., Vintila, R., Laktionova, T.

Editorial: Laktionova, T., ISSN 0587-2596, AgroChemistry and Soil Science. Collected papers, 83, p.5-17, 2015.


This paper presents national approaches to design soil databases in four countries of Southeast Europe. Ways of data collecting are exposed and the basic sources of the soil information are listed. Numerous references of publications provide evidence of the opportunities to use the soil databases in each country for research, as well as their applicability to data harmonization and integration.