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Dysbiosis a risk factor for celiac disease
Crystallization and Corrosion Resistance in Different Aqueous Solutions of Zr50. 7Ni28Cu9Al12. 3 Amorphous Alloy and Its Crystallization Counterparts.
New media dimensions: personalization of politics

New media dimensions: personalization of politics. În: Revista de administrație publică și politici sociale (Universitatea „Vasile Goldiș” din Arad, România), 2016, anul VIII, N 1 (16), pp. 54-61. Versiune electronică: Abstract During the recent years, there has been an increased interest paid for the personalization of politics. At the electoral competitions, modern democracies have witnessed to

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Second-order Flexibility-Based Model for Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of 3D Semi-Rigid Steel Frameworks
Hyers-Ulam stability of a semilinear operator in a Hilbert space
IL-6 roles – Molecular pathway and clinical implication in pancreatic cancer – A systemic review
Bifurcations of limit cycles of perturbed completely integrable systems
On the electrochemical behaviour of selanyl azulenes
Practical nonlinear inelastic analysis method of composite steel-concrete beams with partial composite action
A second-order flexibility-based model for steel frames of tapered members