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Spatial evolution of forest areas in the northern Carpathian Mountains of Romania
DNA metabarcoding of orchid-derived products reveals widespread illegal orchid trade
Benefits and Limitations of DNA Barcoding and Metabarcoding in Herbal Product Authentication
A stability criterion for non-degenerate equilibrium states of completely integrable systems
Asymptotic stabilization with phase of periodic orbits of three-dimensional Hamiltonian systems
Art and the alphabet in the times of the  Dipylon Master
Visual models in archaeology and the harmonization of archaeological and literary data

Journal of Archaeology and Text, 1, 2017, 67-94.

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Fluoro and pentafluorothio analogs of the antitumoral curcuminoid EF24 with superior antiangiogenic and vascular-disruptive effects
Bioclimatic analysis and tourism analysis in Romania
Creative economies in Romania – spatial projections and trends