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Short Proofs of the Kneser-Lovász Coloring Principle

We prove that the propositional translations of the Kneser-Lovasz theorem have polynomial size extended Frege proofs and quasi-polynomial size Frege proofs. We present a new counting-based combinatorial proof of the Kneser-Lovasz theorem that avoids the topological arguments of prior proofs. We introduce a miniaturization of the octahedral Tucker lemma, called the truncated Tucker lemma. The propositional translations of the truncated Tucker lemma

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Stochastic Stability in Schelling’s Segregation Model with Markovian Asynchronous Update

  We investigate the dependence of steady-state properties of Schelling's segregation model on the agents' activation order. Our basic formalism is the Pollicott-Weiss version of Schelling's segregation model. Our main result modifies this baseline scenario by 1. employing a log-linear response rule 2. incorporating "contagion" in the decision to move: agents are connected by a second, "word-of-mouth", network. Agents' activation is specified by

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Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy on Plasmonic Oligomers Assembled by AFM nanoxerography
Polarized SERS on linear arrays of silver half-shells: SERS re-radiation modulated by local density of optical states
Chemiresistive / SERS dual sensor based on densely-packed gold nanoparticles
Flexible transparent sensors from reduced graphene oxide micro-stripes fabricated by convective self-assembly
Convective self-assembly of π-conjugated oligomers and polymers
Shaping light spectra and field profiles in metal-coated monolayers of etched microspheres
Caves and karst of Ecuador – state-of-the-art and research perspectives
What’s in the box? Authentication of Echinacea herbal products using DNA metabarcoding and HPTLC