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Publicatii proprii

Nanomaterials and preservation mechanisms of architecture monuments
Antioxidant activity and phytochemical compounds of snake fruit (Salacca Zalacca)
A computer method for moment-curvature analysis of composite steel-concrete cross-sections of arbitrary shape
Challenging in Gluten-free diet in celiac disease: Prague consensus
On the topology of the Milnor fibration of a hyperplane arrangement

This note is mostly an expository survey, centered on the topology of complements of hyperplane arrangements, their Milnor fibrations, and their boundary structures. An important tool in this study is provided by the degree 1 resonance and characteristic varieties of the complement, and their tight relationship with orbifold fibrations and multinets on the underlying matroid. In favorable situations, this approach leads to a combinatorial formula

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Victor Moraru. La migration – source de soucis. În: Caiete critice (București, FNSA), N 3 (317), pp. 72-79, 2014.

Abstract: The theme of this article is the migration and how it is perceived by the media. Even more important is the issue of integration of immigrants in the European world. The role of media in promoting immigrant otherness, is, without a doubt, the most significant in the process of European integration,the mere fact of finding a job and of the assimilation of local culture of the labor market by the immigrants. But, most of the time, the media

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Victor Moraru. Turning politics into a show and security. Strategic Impact, 2 (19), pp. 57-60, 2006.

Abstract: One of the East-European media capital sins is turning politics into a show, in support of glamour politics. But show-politics cannot develop politi- cal effort or its efficiency, contributing to the democracy's crises proliferation. Meantime, media ignores or superficially focuses on the major contemporary issues like national and social stability and security, state integrity, democratization of society, reality in conflict areas, etc.

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Dysbiosis a risk factor for celiac disease
Crystallization and Corrosion Resistance in Different Aqueous Solutions of Zr50. 7Ni28Cu9Al12. 3 Amorphous Alloy and Its Crystallization Counterparts.
New media dimensions: personalization of politics

New media dimensions: personalization of politics. În: Revista de administrație publică și politici sociale (Universitatea „Vasile Goldiș” din Arad, România), 2016, anul VIII, N 1 (16), pp. 54-61. Versiune electronică: Abstract During the recent years, there has been an increased interest paid for the personalization of politics. At the electoral competitions, modern democracies have witnessed to

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