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Ultra-Low Thermal Conductivity in W/Al2O3 Nanolaminates

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Autori: R. M. Costescu, D. G. Cahill, F. H. Fabreguette, Z. A. Sechrist, S. M. George

Editorial: Science, 303 (5660), p.989-990, 2004.


Atomic layer deposition and magnetron sputter deposition were used to synthesize thin-film multilayers of W/Al2O3. With individual layers only a few nanometers thick, the high interface density produced a strong impediment to heat transfer, giving rise to a thermal conductivity of 0.6 watts per meter per kelvin. This result suggests that high densities of interfaces between dissimilar materials may provide a route for the production of thermal barriers with ultra-low thermal conductivity.

Cuvinte cheie: ultra-low thermal conductivity, nanolaminates, thin film multilayers, thermal barriers, insulators, interface thermal conductance, w/al2o3, nanoscale thermal transport, time-domain thermoreflectance, atomic layer deposition, magnetron sputtering, nanostructures