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OES Diagnostic of Discharge Plasma in a Hollow-Cathode Sputtering Source

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Autori: R. Apetrei, D. Alexandroaei, D. Luca, P. Balan, C. Ionita, R. Schrittwieser, and G. Popa

Editorial: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 45(10B), p.8128-8131, 2006.


Experimental results of the characterization of a cavity hollow-cathode post-discharge sputtering source by optical emission
spectroscopy are presented. The discharge parameters are similar to those currently used in sputter-deposited ferromagnetic
(Ni, Fe) and nonferromagnetic targets (Cu, Ti): Ar pressures, 6  102–1  101 mbar and discharge currents, 5 – 60 mA. The
spatial distribution of the relative electron density in front of the cathode nozzle was determined from the radial distribution of
light intensity by applying the Abel transformation. Therefore, the optical data could be correlated with the electrical
diagnostic results obtained under low-density plasma conditions. The radial and axial distributions of the emission spectra
were also mapped in the 340 to 650 nm wavelength range for Ar and metal (Ni, Ti, Cu) species.

Cuvinte cheie: cavity hollow-cathode, optical emission spectroscopy, Abel transformation