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Pulsed Regime of a Hollow-Cathode Discharge Used in a Sputter Source

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Autori: R. Apetrei, D. Alexandroaei, D. Luca, P. Balan, C. Ionita, R. Schrittwieser, and G. Popa

Editorial: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 45(10B), p.8132-8136, 2006.


The pulsed operation of a cavity hollow-cathode post-discharge sputtering source was proposed to facilitate the sputtering of
low-conductivity materials. Self-oscillating and externally driven pulsed regimes were investigated. The plasma density,
temperature and relative density of atomic species along the discharge axis were determined by optical emission spectroscopy
and Langmuir probe diagnostics. The temporal evolution of these parameters and dynamic current–voltage characteristics of
the discharge were recorded in both regimes as functions of gas pressure and discharge current. The results bring more insight
into the utilization of the above-mentioned device as a small sputtering source.

Cuvinte cheie: hollow-cathode pulsed discharge, sputter source, relaxation oscillations, optical emission spectra, time-resolved measurements