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Characterization of Titania Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Pulsed-Laser Ablation

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Autori: D. Luca, D. Macovei, C.-M. Teodorescu

Editorial: Surface Science, 600, p.4342-4346, 2006.


Results are reported on the characterization of 200 – 250 nm thick TiOx transparent thin films grown at temperatures of 150C and 500C by reactive pulsed-laser ablation of a metallic Ti target under 0.13 – 13.3 Pa oxygen atmosphere. Film structure and composition were investigated by x-ray dif¬fraction and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The samples deposited at 150C reveal a mixture of amorphous TiO2 and Ti2O3, irrespective of oxygen pressure during ablation. The sam¬ples deposited at 500C feature different characteristics, as a function of oxygen pressure during ablation: (a) below the threshold of 2.66 Pa of O2, the films contain a mixture of significant amount of anatase and rutile TiO2 phases, with titanium suboxides; (b) above this threshold, the rutile phase vanishes, the anatase TiO2 phase remaining the main phase component along with small amounts of nanocrystalline suboxides. The size of the anatase nanocrystallites decreases with the increase of oxygen pressures. The films de¬posited at high substrate temperature and oxygen pressure are highly hydrophilic.

Cuvinte cheie: reactive laser ablation, TiOx films, XPS, XRD, anatase, rutile, suboxides.