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CA Software Engineering Approach for Branched Systems

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Autori: C.E.Eisinger Borcia

Editorial: International Conference Software Engineering Hawai, 2001.


This paper presents a SE (Software Engineering) approach for Dynamics (Analysis & Design)
of Branched Systems abounding in automated manufacturing machinery.

Based on our new term “descriptor matrix of the system”, a computer-aided (easily convertible into computer codes) way to acquire the dynamic equations in a special matrix form is presented.
This matrix form of the mathematical model allows the determination of all the classical characteristics of mechanical systems and more than that, give a new view on systems synthesizes and optimization.
Consequently, a N-dimensional representation of the system/ model can be achieve.
This N-dimensional representation allows us to menage a design optimization process base on the behavior maps of the system.
This approach permits us to evaluate a type of quasi-optimization of the parameters or even of structures of the model related on the supplementary design conditions that may be imposed.

A CASE-tool for analysis and design of branched systems is presented.

This paper describes a framework for a software engineering approach which is used to aid better understanding/learning/teaching in a/any specific domain, with particular application to Structural Dynamics field.
This approach can be use for any system that can be modeled as branched system with known dynamic equations for each system element.

Cuvinte cheie: Compiter-Aided Modeling,Software Engineering ,