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Rehabilitation after surgical breast.It is need?

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Autori: Sandra Dan, Lucian Galosi,Tiberiu Bratu, Petru Matusz, Gheorghe Noditi, Zorin Crainiceanu,Daciana Grujic, Mihaela Mastacaneanu

Editorial: Journal of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeon, 3, p.97, 2005.


Breast cancer is the most common neoplasm ¨in this century’s women¨, yet very little information is available about the reabilitation needs of these patients.
Mastectomy will remain a way of treatment for breast cancer, in spite of efforts to perform more breast-conserving treatment.
Although mortality rates from breast cancer are declining, many breast cancer survivors will experience physical and psychological sequela that affect their every day life (significant diferences were observed in the scales ¨ self acceptance of the body image¨).
The place of the physical therapist is inquestionable in the interdisciplinary team.
It is important both for the doctor and for the patient to know WHEN, WHAT, HOW, the physical therapist could help a patient to regain functional use of her upper limb on the affected side, and to adapt functionally, psychologically, and emotionally to the loss of her breast and to the diagnosis of cancer, in the shortest time possible.

Cuvinte cheie: annals of plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery