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Physico-chemical characterisation of lipids from Mytilus galloprovincialis (L) and Rapana venosa and their healing properties on skin burns,

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Autori: Badiu, D.L.; Balu, A.M.; Barbeş, L.; Luque, R.; Niţã, R.; Radu, M.; Tanase, E.; Roşoiu, N.

Editorial: Lipids, 43 (9), p.829-841, 2008.


Black Sea molluscs and gastropods are the most studied organisms from the Romanian litoral zone. In particular, those from the mytilidae species are of great interest because biochemical investigations showed that they can be sources of biological active substances which can have different applications (e.g. food additives). We report here the extraction of lipids from two different species of molluscs (Mytilus galloprovincialis L., Mediterranean mussel) and gastropods (Rapana venosa, hard-shell clam). The extracts were evaluated in terms of antioxidant and composition properties and their healing properties were tested on skin burnts in Wistar rats. Our studies proved that the two lipid extracts contained a relatively complex distribution of compounds with respect to olive oil, in terms of characteristic indices, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins E and D. The presence of such compounds rendered the extracts very efficient in healing skin burns in Wistar rats. Our investigations have been proved to be promising in terms of future potential applications of the extracts as skin-care products, cosmetics and/or pharmaceutical preparations owing to their dermorestitutive properties.

Cuvinte cheie: lipide, moluste, histologie // lipids, molluscs, histology

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