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Facts about contraception at urban adults

Domenii publicaţii > Ştiinţe medicale + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Tarcea Monica, Voidãzan S. Toma F., Szavuj J., Szasz F., Ceanã D.

Editorial:, vol. 5, nr. 3, XIII, p.24-28, 2009.


Objective. To establish knowledge level and behaviour regarding contraception in a group of adults in Mures County, in order to develop an efficient family planning programme.
Methods: It was a descriptive epidemiological study, performed in 2005. The collected data were statistically evaluated by the aid of Epi Info software. Were used distinctive self-evaluation questionnaires for males and females, completed by a total number of 991 subjects.
Results: Sexual education in Mures County is medium-level and presents deficiencies. Protection during the first sexual act is not an option for most of the interviewees. The first pregnancy is usually not planned because of lack of information regarding contraception but the second one is desired and expected. The Calendar method (Rhythm method) is the most widely used method in contraception. Women are less instructed regarding the use of condom. Barrier contraception methods are less familiar than intrauterine appliances. Hormonal methods are safely and efficiently used by a great number of persons. Unfortunately medical services are not sufficiently involved in alerting people regarding the side effects of combined oral contraceptives.
Conclusions: We can achieve an adequate level of knowledge in this field by individual sexual behaviour modeling and appropriate health education of the population. Adequate prevention services are also required in order to reduce morbidity and to improve the health status of the population.

Cuvinte cheie: ginecologie, educatie sexuala // gynecology, sexual education