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Drotaverine (NO-SPA) effectiveness in horse colic

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Autori: Cristina R. T., Nagy I

Editorial: Veterinary Clinic Pathology, ISSN 0275-6383, 32, 4, p.223, 2003.


The study follows the field activity of a specific Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor, drotaverine (No-Spa, CEVA-Phylaxia) when abdominal colic sings emerged in an elite horse herd from Covasna County (first group) and in privately owned horses from Arad County (second group) Romania. The recommended therapeutic dose (0.8 mg x k.b.w.-1) was administrated to five horses (in first group), and eight cases in the second group. A greater dose (x 1.5) was given to two horses in first group (in one case, the greater dose was i.v. given, and in another, i.m.). In four cases it was administered in one horse i.v., and in three horses i.m. with consecutive administrations, the ant-spasmolytic effect appeared in 9 to 30 minutes after the first injection. This fact confirms that No-Spa is an elegant and sure therapeutic alternative for amelioration of colic pain. Therapeutic dosage diminished, even eliminated the abdominal colic signs in horses. Increasing doses or repeated doses of the drug do not caused secondary side effects, therefore can be recommended in persistent colic cases. Consecutive i.m. administration at the same injection site did not cause any local or secondary reactions, not that were registered.

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