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Allogeneic core amino acids of an immunodominant allopeptide are important for MHC binding and TCR recognition

The indirect alloimmune response seems to be restricted to a few dominant major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-derived peptides responsible for T-cell activation in allograft rejection. The molecular mechanisms of indirect T-cell activation have been studied using peptide analogues derived from the dominant allopeptide in vitro, whereas the in vivo effects of peptide analogues have not been well characterized yet. In the present study, we generated

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Neonatal platelets from cord blood and peripheral blood

The haemostatic system in neonates is different from that of adults, possibly contributing to an increased incidence of bleeding disorders, such as intracranial hemorrhage. In this study, we analyzed platelets from cord blood and peripheral blood, collected at three time points after delivery from 20 term and 37 preterm neonates as well as blood from 20 healthy adults. Platelet membrane glycoproteins (GP) were quantified and P-selectin expression

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Chorioamnionitis is associated with increased CD40L expression on cord blood platelets

Chorioamnionitis (CA) is a severe infection responsible not only for premature birth but also for many severe neonatal diseases. The aim of the present study was to investigate the expression of CD40L and P-selectin on platelets and the plasma levels of their soluble forms in the umbilical cord blood in infants with documented chorioamnionitis. Umbilical cord blood samples were obtained from 10 healthy term newborns, 10 non-infected preterm infants,

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Hierarchical immunogenicity of donor MHC class I peptides in allotransplantation

The recognition of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) allopeptides by recipient MHC class II-restricted CD4(+) T cells via indirect pathway is a prerequisite for the generation of an immune response to the allograft. We tested 13-mer to 24-mer peptides from the MHC class I molecule for their possible immunogenicity in a fully MHC-mismatched rat strain combination. Our results confirm the hierarchical distribution of the immunogenicity of donor

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