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Investigation of Cell Breathing Effect in CDMA-based Cellular Systems

The upcoming 3G systems like UMTS are defined using code division multiple access schemes (CDMA) in order to improve system characteristics compared to legacy systems using time division multiple access schemes (TDMA). [1, 2] The use of CDMA results in an interference limited system where the transmissions of close-by concurrent communications have direct impact on the capacity and coverage of a cell [2, 3]. Since the coverage of a CDMA cell changes

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Location-based Radio Resource Management in Multi Standard Wireless Network Environments

Efficient radio resource management in wireless network systems is highly required since the numbers of users as well as the bandwidth requirements per user are growing excessively. In this paper, two concepts for targeting this capacity challenge are elaborated: · Multi-standard radio resource management (MxRRM) and · Location based radio resource management. By MxRRM we understand the traffic management and radio resource management in scenarios

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Efficient Estimation of Transmission Power Applied to Simulation of Cell Breathing Effect in CDMA-based Wireless Systems

The so called 3rd Generation wireless communication systems i.e. UMTS or IMT-2000 are expected to dominate the market of cellular communication within the next few years. To distinguish different users these systems do not assign a particular time slot or a particular carrier frequency as it was done in the current systems like GSM. The 3G systems are defined using code division multiple access schemes (CDMA) in order to improve system characteristics.

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Aspects for the integration of ad-hoc and cellular networks

Ad-hoc networks are becoming more and more successful in the marketplace as indicated by the increasing usage of Bluetooth and W-LAN networks. This success is due to several reasons, including their lack of infrastructure requirements as well as their suitability for several application scenarios like the communication between laptops and/or handheld devices. Despite all the successes so far and the promising future of ad-hoc networks, Internet connectivity

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