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Studies on the influence of thermal water from Western Romania upon Amphibian

Under conditions of high and constant temperatures of thermal waters, aquatic Amphibian species can not start hibernating, and therefore remain active in winter time. The influence of thermal water is especially noticeable upon the Marsh Frog Rana ridibunda, which is present in all studied thermal habitats, and to a lesser extent, upon the species Bombina bombina, which can be found in two habitats. The life cycle of Rana ridibunda populations inhabiting

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Feeding habits of Rana ridibunda Pallas 1771 (Anura, Ranidae) during winter at thermal sources from Bihor county (Romania)

Our study refers for the first time to the knowledge of the trophic spectrum of some Rana ridibunda populations, active during winter in three thermal habitats from western Romania. The populations feed all winter, but as weather gets colder, one could notice a pronounced decrease in the number of prey taxa consumed and in the average number of consumed preys, along with an increase in the number of empty stomachs, and of stomachs containing only

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