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Vasile Iosub


Toyota Motor Corporation (Higashi-Fuji Technical Center), Susono, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:

Nascut(a) in: 1976

Interese: stocarea hidrogenului, hidruri metalice, energie

flag Details:
Since September 2006 Toyota Motor Corporation,
Material Research, Hydrogen Storage Group

Post-doctoral study stay: Hydrogen storage in metal hydrides

July 2004 - July 2006 Hydrogen Energy Group, Energy Technology Research Institute (AIST, Japan)

Post-doctoral study stay: Development of metal hydrides with higher capacity in hydrogen storage
- Synthesis of novel hydrides with Al-H bonding by direct hydrogenation or by mechanical alloying
- Crystal structure analysis by conventional X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and thermodynamic properties by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and the Volumetric method

October 2000 – January 2004 LCMTR (CNRS, France) – CReeD (Veolia Environnement, France)

Doctoral candidate and fellow of a Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche (CIFRE) in partnership with the Laboratoire de Chimie Métallurgique des Terres Rares (LCMTR) and the Centre de Recherches pour l’Environnement, l’Energie et le Déchet (CReeD)
Dissertation entitled: "Optimisation of a metal hydride composition for a stationary fuel cell storage application"
- Elaboration of intermetallic compounds (induction furnace) and of their hydrides (solid – gas reaction)
- Structural characterization by conventional X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and high resolution diffraction (synchrotron), chemical composition by Electron Probe Micro Analysis (EPMA), morphological analysis by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and thermodynamic properties and kinetics by the Volumetric method

Publicații selectate:

* V. Iosub, T. Matsunaga, K. Tange, M. Ishikiriyama and K. Miwa, Study of the hydride mixtures (1-x)AlH3/xMgH2 (0 < x < 0.3) synthesized by ball milling and their hydrogen storage properties, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 484(1-2), 2009.

* V. Iosub, T. Matsunaga, K. Tange, M. Ishikiriyama, Direct synthesis of Mg(AlH4)2 and CaAlH5 crystalline compounds by ball milling and their potential as hydrogen storage materials, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 34(2), 2009.

* V. Iosub, M. Latroche, J.-M. Joubert and A. Percheron-Guégan, Design of AB5-type intermetallic compounds as hydrogen storage materials for stationary fuel cell application, 1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble, France September 02-05, 2003.

* V. Iosub, E. Akiba, Direct synthesis of Sr2AlH7 hydride phase by ball milling and study of the substitution effect of Sr by Ca on the hydrogen content, WHEC 16/13-16 June, Lyon, France, 2006.

* V. Iosub, E. Akiba, Direct synthesis of BaAlH5 hydride phase by ball milling and the effect of Ba substitution by Sr on the hydrogen content, MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, 28/11-02/12, 2005.

* J.-M. Joubert, V. Iosub, M. Latroche and A. Percheron-Guégan, Intermetallic compounds for hydrogen gas storage, TMS 2004, 133rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Charlotte, USA, 14-18/03, 2004.

* Vasile Iosub, Développement et optimisation d'une unité de stockage de l'hydrogène sur hydrures métalliques utilisée dans les systèmes stationnaires de piles à combustible, Université Paris XII, 2004.

* V. Iosub, M. Latroche, J.-M. Joubert, A. Percheron-Guégan, Optimisation ofMmNi5-xSnx (Mm=La, Ce, Nd and Pr, 0.27, Elsevier, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 31, 2006.

* V. Iosub, J.-M. Joubert, M. Latroche, R. Cerny, A. Percheron-Guegan, Hydrogen cycling induced diffraction peak broadening in C14 and C15 Laves phases, Elsevier, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 178, 2005.