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Mira-Cristiana Anisiu


T Popoviciu Institute of Numerical Analysis, Cluj-Napoca, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

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Nascut(a) in: 1954

Interese: nonlinear analysis, celestial mechanics

flag Details:
- Fixed Point Theory: properties of the fixed point set for point-to-set mappings; sequence of successive approximations for Caristi's theorem; generalized contractions on balls in complete metric spaces; retractible mappings (with the special case of the metric projection as a retract); study of the sets in complete metric spaces which have the fixed point property for contractions.
- Point-to-Set Mappings: various notions of continuity.
- Nonlinear Operators: existence and uniqueness for the Darboux problem of hyperbolic partial differential equations and for periodic solutions of differential equations in Hilbert spaces; a maximum principle generalizing the variational principle of Ekeland; a surjectivity result for Lipschitz functions; study of the Legendre transform with applications in (celestial) mechanics.
- Celestial Mechanics: two-body problem with photogravitational effect; the inverse problem of Dynamics for force fields in synodic systems, family boundary curves and programmed motion; study of the compatibility of families of orbits having homogeneous analytic expression with nonhomogeneous potentials.
- Combinatorics and Dynamical Systems: complexity of finite and infinite words.

Publicații selectate:

* Mira-Cristiana Anisiu, G. Bozis, Families of orbits in planar anisotropic fields, Astron. Nachr., 326, 2005.

* Mira-Cristiana Anisiu, The energy-free equations of the 3D inverse problem of dynamics, Inverse Probl. Sci. Eng., 13, 2005.

* Mira-Cristiana Anisiu, An alternative point of view on the equations of the inverse problem of dynamics, Inverse Problems, 20, 2004.