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Doinita Ariton


Danubius University of Galati, Galati, Romania.

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:
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Nascut(a) in: 1955

Interese: Gestiune Financiara, Contabilitate Financiara, Managementul Proiectelor, Noi instrumente si metodologii in Educatia Economica Universitara

flag Details:
March 2008 Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at Danubius University of Galati

Danubius University of Galati ( is a private institution founded in 1992 and accredited by the 409 Law June 2002, in the first wave of 12 private universities in Romania. Danubius University is involved in initial and continuing training for student’s age over 18, focusing on the fields required by the labour market and committed to widely use ICT in the educational process. The new university campus is placed at the confluence of the two big rivers in south-east Romania - Danube and Siret, near the city of Galati and 18 Km far from another big town, Braila. The both towns form the biggest urban agglomeration in Romania after the capital Bucharest.
Danubius" University participates in European projects for students and teachers mobility (LLP – Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci) in didactic exchanges between universities (Italy, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Republic Moldavia).

March 2003- February 2008 Coordinator of Interinstitutional Centre for Consulting and Professional Guidance (CICOP).

2007 - National Correspondent – Benchmarking eSkills Policies on multistakeholder pertnership; Subcontract Agreement under EU Contract No. SI2.44492, EC, Bonn, Germany, expert & scientific reviewer

2006-2007 - National Corespondent „Increasing Trust and Confidence of Consumers in the Information Society – e-Trust”; Subcontract Agreement under EU Contract No. 30-CE-0033938/00-70, EC, Bonn, Germany, expert & scientific reviewer

2005-2007 – Local Coordinator of the proiectului „SME’s Virtual Platform on Agro-Food Sector to Access the Sixth and Seventh Framework Program - SPAS”, FP6, Co-ordination Actions in Stepping up Economic and Technological Intelligence activities (ETI), BESEL S.A. Valladolid, Spain

2002-2003 – National Coordinator of FP5 project “Statistical Indicators using Benchmarking for Information Society” (SIBIS+)

Publicații selectate:

* Ligeti, G., Michal, K., Edocs, K, Ariton, D., Nuta, A., Nuta, F., CSR – Kolep – Kelet – Europat Osszehasonlitasban, in EU-bovites: Csatlakozasi hatasok, Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Vilaggazdasagi Kutatointezet (Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Book Kelet-Europa Tanulmanyok, 2, 2007.

* Ariton, V., Ariton, D, Neural Network Models for Abduction Problems Solving, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, 4692/2007, 2007.

* D. Ariton, F. Paun, V. Ioan, M. Nicolau, N. Barbuta, L. Moga, F. Buhociu, C. Tofan, Citizens Expectations and Disappointments in Information Society - Case of Romania, Ethicomp 2004: Challenges for the Citizen of the Information Society. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference. University of the Aegean, Syros, Greece, 1, 2004.

* Edwards, V., Ariton, D., Collyer, J. and Lee, G., 'Human Resource Management Issues in an Emerging Industry: Multimedia companies in Romania and England, Lang (Hg.) Munchen, Mering, Hampp.2002, Personalmanagement im Transformationsprozess V Chemnitz Ostformum Forum, Chemnitz, March 2001, 2002.

* J. Collyer, A. Kocak, D. Ariton, G. Lee, V. Edwards, E-business in emerging economies: a comparison of Turkish and Romanian multimedia companies, IOS Press, B.Stanford-Smith and E.Chiozza, E-work and E-commerce, Novel solutions and Practices for a Global Networked Economy, 2, 2001.

* Ariton D, Collyer J, Edwards V R H, Lee G L, Moving industry boundaries: the multimedia industry in England and Romania, Haworthpress, Journal of Euromarketing, 10(4), 2001.

* Collyer, J., Ariton, D., Edwards, V., Lee, G.,, New Economy Companies in Central and Eastern Europe:Multimedia Companies in Romania, Palgrave MacMillan, Houdmills, UK, ISBN 1-4039-3657-9, The Knowledge-Based Economy in Central and East European Countries, 2006.