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Mihai Ducea


University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:

Nascut(a) in: 1968

Interese: tectonica, petrologie

flag Details:
Tectonics and petrology. Crustal composition, structure, and magmatism at Cordilleran margins. Tectonic evolution of western North America. Small-scale geochronologic techniques.

Publicații selectate:

* Mihai N Ducea, Juan Otamendi, Kelley M. Stair, George Bergantz, George Gehrels, Timing constraints on building an intermediate plutonic arc crustal section: U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Sierra Valle Fértil–La Huerta, Famatinian arc, Argentina, Tectonics, in press, 2010.

* Balintoni, I., Balica, C., Ducea, M.N., Hann, H.P., Sabliovschi, V, The anatomy of a Gondwanan terrane: The Neoproterozoic-Ordovician basement of the pre-Alpine Sebeş-Lotru composite terrane (South Carpathians, Romania), Gondwana Research, 17, 2010.

* Drew, ST, Ducea, MN, Schonenbohm, L, Mafic volcanism on the Puna Plateau, NW Argentina: Implications for lithospheric composition and evolution with an emphasis on lithospheric foundering, Lithosphere, 1, 2009.

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* Wetmore, PH, Ducea, MN, Geochemical evidence of a near-surface history for source rocks of the central Coast Mountains Batholith, British Columbia, International Geology Review, in press, 2009.

* Cecil, MR, Ducea, MN, K-Ca Ages of Authigenic Sediments: Examples From Paleozoic Glauconite And Potassium-Rich Evaporites and Applications to Low Temperature Thermochronometry, International Journal of Earth Sciences, in press, 2009.

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* Balintoni, I., Balica, C., Ducea, M.N., Chen, Fukun, Hann, H.P., S¸abliovschi, V., Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician Gondwanan terranes in the Romanian Carpathians: A zircon U-Pb provenance study, Gondwana Research, 10.1016/, 2009.

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* Blondes, M., S., Reiners Peter, W., Ducea Mihai, N., Singer Brad, S., and Chesley, J, Temporal-compositional trends over short and long time-scales in basalts of the Big Pine volcanic field, California, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 269, 2008.

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