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Rodica-Mariana ION


Universitatea Valahia/ ICECHIM, Targoviste/ Bucuresti, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:
Pagina web personala:

Nascut(a) in: 1958

Interese: porfirine, ftalocianine, terapie fotodinamica a cancerului

flag Detalii:
Profesor Titular la Universitatea Valahia, Targoviste;
Director Departament Analize, ICECHIM, Bucuresti;
Cercetator Stiintific Principal grad I - ICECHIM, Bucuresti;
Doctor in Stiinte Chimie obtinut la Universitatea Bucuresti;
Profesor disciplina Nanomateriale la Universitatea Valahia, Targoviste;
Coordonator Principal al Grupului European de Lucru COST D20-0012-02;
Partener al proiectului FP6 - DEVELONUTRI;
Expert roman in terapia fotodinamica a
cancerului cu porfirine si ftalocianine;
Expert-evaluator al Uniunii Europene pentru programele COST, INTAS, FPVI.
Conducator Doctorat in domeniul Ingineria Nanomaterialelor

flag Details:
Full professor at Valahia University, Targoviste;
Manager at Analytic Department, ICECHIM, Bucharest
Department Director at ICECHIM, Bucharest;
Senior Scientist at ICECHIM, Bucharest:
Doctor in Chemical Sciences at Bucahrest University;
Profesor Nanomaterials at Valahia University, Targoviste;
Principal Coordinator of Working Group COST D20-0012-02;
Expert-evaluator of European Union for Programmes: COST, INTAS, FPVI.
Partner in FP6 project - DEVELONUTRI;
Specialist in Photodynamic therapy of cancer with porphyrins and phthalocyanines
Ph.D.Supervisor on Nanomaterials area

Publicații selectate:


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