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An Application of Neuro-Fuzzy Modelling to Prediction of some Incidence in an Electrical Energy Distribution Center

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Autori: Dzitac S., Felea I., Dzitac I., Vesselenyi T.

Editorial: Int. J. Comput. Comm. Control, 3, p.287-292, 2008.


In this paper we will present the utilization of neuro – fuzzy models as prediction
of some events, more exactly, realizing of some applications viewing the time intervals
prediction in which incidents can appear in an electrical energy distribution system. It was realized
the duration analyzes between two incidents, with the aim to estimate the frequency of
the incidences in the future. The time intervals prediction where may appear incidences was
realized for electric energy distribution center Oradea, the used language being MATLAB.

Cuvinte cheie: neuro-fuzzy modelling, prediction, membership function