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Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibrium in the quaternary water + isopropanol + acetic acid + isopropyl acetate system with chemical reaction

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Teodorescu M., Aim K., Wichterle I.

Editorial: Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 46, p.261-266, 2001.


Vapor-liquid equilibrium accompanied with chemical reaction in the quaternary water + 2-propanol + acetic acid + isopropyl acetate system was measured in a modified Dvorak and Boublik still. In total, 63 experimental points at 353.15 K and 16 points at 101.325 kPa were determined. The experimental data were correlated by means of the maximum likelihood procedure by using the NRTL model. Binary model parameters for the four nonreacting binary subsystems were obtained from available experimental vapor-liquid equilibrium data by using either the Hayden-O’Connell or Marek-Standart correction as appropriate, to account for the nonideality of the vapor phase. NRTL parameters for the water + isopropyl acetate and 2-propanol + acetic acid systems were estimated from the global optimization based on the quaternary data. The results obtained from the correlation show a good agreement of calculated and experimental data. By using transformed composition variables, three-dimensional phase diagrams for the quaternary system have been constructed and a possible location of a saddle reactive azeotrope was found.

Cuvinte cheie: echilibre lichid-vapori, echilibru chimic, reactie de esterificare, acetat de izopropil, azeotrop reactiv // vapor-liquid equilibria, chemical equilibrium, esterification reaction, isopropyl acetate, reactive azeotrope