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4-(Azulen-1-yl) Six-Membered Heteroaromatics Substituted with

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Autori: Alexandru C. Razus, Liviu Birzan, Mihaela Cristea, Victorita Tecuceanu

Editorial: Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 48(5), p.1019-27, 2011.


Pyranylium perchlorates with azulene-1-yl moiety in 4-position and thiophen-2-yl or furan-2-yl in 2 and 6-positions were obtained by the substitution of 4-chloro corresponding salts with azulenes. The pyranylium salts are used as starting materials for the synthesis of pyridine and pyridinium salts. The products were characterized and for pyridines pKa was spectroscopically determined. Several attempts were made for pyridine complexation with metal cations as Hg2+ or Ag+.

Cuvinte cheie: pyrylium salts, heterocycles, azulene, triketones