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The International Conference Environment – Landscape – European Identity

The International Conference Environment – Landscape – European Identity will be held November 4 – 6, 2011 in Bucharest, Romania.
The conference is organized by the Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, Regional Geography and Environment Department, in partnership with Department of Geography, University of Craiova, Romanian Academy – Geonomical Sciences Section and Institute of Geography, Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies, Landscape and Water Resources Management Research Centre, Association for Biodiversity Conservation, and National University Research Council through Exploratory Research Projects. The meeting provides a forum for presentation of recent results and discussion on environment, landscape and European territorial identity, three topics that interfere with each other in the context of sustainable development. The conference aims to bring together and to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue between scientists, researchers, practitioners and representatives of local authorities.
Mid term registration: August 1, 2011
Late registration: September 10, 2011
Conference start: November 4, 2011
Conference end: November 6, 2011
Conference venue: Romanian Academy Library, “I. Heliade Rădulescu “ Aula, Calea Victoriei 125, Sector 1, Cod 010071, Bucureşti
More details on the Conference webpage