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Exploring New Directions in Iris Recognition

A new approach in iris recognition based on Circular Fuzzy Iris Segmentation (CFIS) and Gabor Analytic Iris Texture Binary Encoder (GAITBE) is proposed and tested here. CFIS procedure is designed to guarantee that similar iris segments will be obtained for similar eye images, despite the fact that the degree of occlusion may vary from one image to another. Its result is a circular iris ring (concentric with the pupil) which approximates the actual

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A Fuzzy View on k-Means Based Signal Quantization with Application in Iris Segmentation

This paper shows that the k-means quantization of a signal can be interpreted both as a crisp indicator function and as a fuzzy membership assignment describing fuzzy clusters and fuzzy boundaries. Combined crisp and fuzzy indicator functions are defined here as natural generalizations of the ordinary crisp and fuzzy indicator functions, respectively. An application to iris segmentation is presented together with a demo program.

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Circular Fuzzy Iris Segmentation

This paper presents a new approach to iris segmentation. The basic idea is that since the pupilar boundary is nearly circular, there must be a relevant, nearly circular, pupil concentric iris segment, situated around the pupil, containing the muscles which control the pupil movements and playing the most important role in iris recognition. There are two main computational procedures used here in order to find and extract the circular ring approximating

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Gabor Analytic Iris Texture Binary Encoder

The present paper describes an iris binary code extraction procedure based on Hilbert Transform. The strong analytic signal associted with the chromatic iris sequence is used to recover the phase information which it contains. A meaningful synthetic example is given in order to illustrate the iris binary code extraction. The reasons for canceling the discovery of the radial iris features and for choosing to encode iris features only in the angular

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