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The Communication Process And The Public Relations – An Ethical And Moral Approach

Addressing theoretical and practical interdependence of communication and public relations is involving today further notice. Through our research, we wish to highlight the impact of the ethical and moral issues on the area of communication. Therefore, we directed the study to demonstrate that the so-called "old divide" between ethics and morality in communication and public relations, is extremely flexible. The "sinuosity" of this matter is given

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An approach of sustainable development from the perspective of the communicational paradigm

Sustainable development is a concept whose thematics has become extremely complex in the context of the economic and ecological crisis the humanity has to face today. It appears as the only way to answer the actual needs of the modern human communities and the only one able to face, without compromising it, the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own needs. Taking into account these aspects, this article deals, from a new modern perspective,

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The forestry real estate is of particular importance in the context that, through its main products, wood products, conditions the development of important sectors, such as the wood processing industry, the paper and pulp industry, the construction materials industry and the agriculture. Our research proposes a comprehensive analysis of this topic. Thus, starting from an overview and ending with the emphasis on factual information at the country

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Advertising – A New Perspective

The publicity-public relationship has changed in time. People are not interested in receiving the same information about certain products. Advertising is passing through a difficult time; it needs to change, to reinvent itself to be able to draw the public's attention. The consumer, through his reactions, decides what advertising should stand for, choosing to accept or to ignore a product based on its presentation, based on its commercials. An advertising

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„The Impact Analysis Regarding The Marketing Advertising Over The Group Dacia”,

Specialists consider that we live in a brand background. An invasion of consumers' minds occurred, to the most personal and intimate place in their minds. As a reaction to this aggressive form of advertising and mind invasion, people started to have a negative attitude towards commercials. People who work in advertising must be aware of this danger and have to be careful in the advertising campaigns not to bore, not to pollute, not to over inform.

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