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Effect of Alcohol-Water Exchange and Surface Scanning on Nanobubbles and the Hydrophobic Force Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was used to examine how different alcohols affect the hydrophobic attraction between a hydrophobic silica colloidal probe and a hydrophobic silica wafer. The experiments were performed in water and in water after rinsing alcohol (methanol, ethanol or 1-propanol) throughout the AFM system. In all three cases the range of the attractive force increased after alcohol-water exchange, with 1-propanol showing the largest increase

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Nucleobases modified azo-polysiloxanes, materials with potential application in biomolecules nanomanipulation

Here we show the possibility to obtain azopolysiloxanes modified with nucleobases (adenine and thymine) with potential application in immobilization and nanomanipulation of biomolecules. We propose a photofluidization mechanism based on the concept of the conformational instability, which can explain the presence of the fluid state below the glass transition. The azopolymers were characterized by 1H NMR, GPC, DSC, DTG, UV spectroscopy, AFM analysis,

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ATRP grafting of styrene from benzyl chloride functionalized polysiloxanes: An AFM and TGA study of the Cu(0)/bpy catalyst

Various combinations of Cu(0), CuCl, 2,2-bipyridine (bpy) and 1,10-phenanthroline (phen) were used as catalysts for the grafting polymerizations of styrene from polysiloxane macroinitiators functionalized with benzyl chloride. While Cu(0)/bpy alone promotes the grafting, narrower polydispersities were obtained in the presence of CuCl. Analysis of the Cu(0) surface before and after polymerization by a combination of AFM, TGA and FTIR investigations

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Silica Surfaces Lubrication by Hydrated Cations Adsorption from Electrolyte Solutions