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oportunitati in neurostiinta computationala – Canada

POSTDOCTORAL and GRADUATE STUDENT POSITIONS in BRAIN DYNAMICS at the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience, Lethbridge AB, CANADA The Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience ( has established a new program in Systems and Computational Neuroscience approaches to studying Brain Dynamics under the sponsorship of a $20M Polaris Award from The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, to Dr. Bruce McNaughton.

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Postsynaptic modulation of electrical EPSP size investigated using a compartmental model

The mormyrid electric fish displays extremely fine temporal resolution as measured in behavioral studies. The first stage of sensory processing, the sensory afferents, also display very precise temporal responses to electrical stimulation. The afferents are connected through gap junctions to the granular cells, which in addition receive a corollary discharge signal at the time of the electric pulse. The granular cells have a relatively long time

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Introduction to Local Tomography

The article provides a general introduction and some recent approaches and results in computed tomography. My contribution was the prediction of artefacts or false features which appear in the tomografic images. The artefacts affect a certain class of 3D tomographic algorithms. This work was part of my master thesis in mathematics.

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