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Noise induced complexity: patterns and collective phenomena in a small-world neuronal network
Graphical exploration of the connectivity sets of alternated Julia sets; M, the set of disconnected alternated Julia sets
Sustaining stable dynamics of a fractional-order chaotic financial system by parameter switching
Suppressing chaos in fractional-order systems by periodic perturbations on system variables
Complex dynamics of compound bursting with burst episode composed of different bursts
OGY method for a class of discontinuous dynamical systems
Harmonic Analysis in Discrete Dynamical Systems
Ph.D. School on „Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems”

2nd Ph.D. School on "Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems" Pescara, Italy, 16 - 28 July, 2012 Further information on the school can be found at For your convenience, the program is also attached to this email. For more information on the Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity and its activities please visit our website at or feel free to contact me for any further information. The Society

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Chaos suppression via periodic change of variables in a class of discontinuous dynamical systems of fractional order
Dibujo de los rayos externos de Douady and Hubbard