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The determination of total alkaloids from Atropa belladona and Lupinus sp using various spectrophotometrical and gravimetrical methods

Ianculov, I; Palicica, R; BUTNARIU, M. Dumbrava, D; Gergen, I. Determination of total alkaloids Atropa belladonna and Lupinus sp. by different spectrophotometric and gravimetric method, Revista de chimie, (Accession Number: WOS: 000225717300004, ISSN: 0034–7752. Bucharest), Volume: 55, Issue: 11, Pages: 835–838, Published: NOV 2004, Times Cited: 6 (from Web of Science Core Collection). IF(2014): 0.810. Hide ResearcherID and ORCID Author ResearcherID

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