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Redesigning organisational processes – part of the innovative system,

The article highlights the aspects of organizational process redesign in research innovation activity in educational establishments and research. Need to redesign is supported by: integration issues in European research programs and exploitation of research results at the level of applied. Organizational process redesign in research innovation activity seeks major improvements on time, cost, quality, methods of implementation and technology transfer.

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Provocations and creative mechanisms of the inter-organisational innovation

The study spotlights the main provocations and creative mechanisms of inter-organisational innovation, applied in the enterprise's management and research. The main concepts that imposed in the last two decades the inter-organisational innovation at the international level are: sharing of knowledge, strategic alliances, strategic partnership, strategic entrepreneurship and innovation in co-operation. Imposing these concepts and their utilisation

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Study of the mechanic-elastic and electric characteristics of the ecological quaternary alloys
Tendences and solutions regarding the development of the metallic products for auto-vehicles
Linear and angular displacement electromagnetic sensors

In this paper we present a displacement-frequency sensor including a non-linear resistor with a dynatron-type i(v) dependence, a variable coil and a d.c. voltage source. A general relation is given for the dependence of the period of the oscillations on the coil inductance and on the negative variable resistance of the non-linear resistor respectively. The functioning data of the sensor are presented, for linear and angular displacement respectively.

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