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Alex Dragomirescu

Alex Dragomirescu

IPEX Technologies Inc., Greater Toronto Area, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:
Pagina web personala:

Nascut(a) in: 1957

Interese: Polimeri, Materiale Plastice

flag Detalii:
* 18+ years in applied research for new polymer materials with applications in diverse manufacturing processes. Supervised at laboratory, pilot and departmental levels

* Research and Development including both synthesis and characterization of a large spectrum of polymers in the domain of thermoplastics and elastomers

* Cross-disciplinary knowledge of chemical engineering, organic and polymer chemistry having a Ph.D. in Applied Organic Chemistry, a M.Eng.Sc. from The University of Western Ontario and a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

* Strong experimentalist possessing practical ingenuity in formulation with extensive laboratory experience in polymerization techniques, materials characterization and polymer modification

* Co-author of three patent applications, one granted, which led to products line extension and licensing royalties

* Created new intellectual wealth for companies: 9 conference papers, 16 conference presentations, 2 journal articles and 5 discussion groups. Selected publications including abstracts are available at: or

* Obtained awards and scientific titles such as Principal Researcher 3rd Class, President’s Scholarship from The University of Western Ontario, research grant from Bayer Inc., Rubber Division of Canada

flag Details:

A highly experienced Chemical Engineer in Product Development of Polymer Materials. Specializing in plastics, wood-plastic composites, rubber, and specialty polymers. Coordinated overall Research and Development activity including hands on with manufacturing processes. Conducted statistical analysis for tracking, trending and forecasting performance. Excellent organizational, creative and innovative skills.


* Complete product development cycle
* Research & Development
* Formulations expert
* Strong experimentalist
* Presentations and forums
* Materials characterization and testing
* Performance test and simulation, verification
* Computer proficiency: CAE, CAD-Chemistry
* Seasoned professional in managing projects
* Reacting to change productively
* Problem solving in applied sciences
* Plastics processing and compounding
* Material requirements planning
* Policy and procedure design
* Regulatory compliance
* Corrective action procedures

Publicații selectate:

* Alex Dragomirescu, The Hell Might Be Green, Bioenvironmental Polymer Society, Newsletter, June, 2010.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Jim Nash, Water Absorption Performances in WPC Materials, 9th International Conference on Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 2007.

* Alex Dragomirescu, C. Paulo, J.E. Puskas, V. Altstadt, Synthesis and Characterization of Hyperbranched Polyisobutylene, Scientific Communications, Bayer Inc. Rubber Division, Sarnia, Ontario, 2001.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Modeling of Industrial Polymerization Reactor for Low Density Polyethylene, 1982.

* Jim Nash, Alex Dragomirescu, Highlights of Research and Development - Success Stories, Biocomposite Research Day, University of Toronto, 2004.

* Crisan L., Balliu S., Dragomirescu I.A., Marginean N., Pestea C., Frasineanu G., Cristea R., Pour Point Depressants for Improving The Filtration Capacity and The Limit Temperature of Diesel Fuels, Patent No. RO 111108 B3, 1996.

* A. Dragomirescu, L. Crisan, S. Balliu, P. Luca, M. Florea, I. Cerchez, Pa. Ghioca, Lubricating Oils Additives Based on Diene-Styrene Copolymers, Symposium at The Research Institute for Petroleum Processing and Petrochemical (ICERP), Ploiesti, Romania, 1992.

* S. Balliu, L. Crisan, A. Dragomirescu, The Hydrogenation of Diene-Styrene Copolymers, 17th Scientific Session, Olanesti, Romania, 1991.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Contributions to synthesis of additives designed to improve oil product flow, University Oil-Gas, Ploiesti, Romania, Applied Organic Chemistry, 1999.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Practical Approach to Monitor Adsorption/Drying and Catalytic Activity On-line, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Master of Engineering Science, 2002.

* Dragomirescu Alexandru, Balliu S., Crisan L., Macromolecular Compounds Used as Depresants of the Cold Filter Plugging Point of Diesel Oils, Scientific Communications Session, University Oil-Gas, Ploiesti, Romania, 1992.

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* Dragomirescu I. Alexandru, Crisan Livia, Balliu Sotir, Activity and Selectivity of Soluble Catalysts for Polymer Hydrogenation, 21st Scientific Session, Calimanesti, Romania, 1995.

* L. Crisan, Alexandru I. Dragomirescu, S. Balliu, Succinimidic Type Dispersants with Improved Properties, 10th International Colloquium Tribology, Esslingen, Germany, 1996.

* Alexandru I. Dragomirescu, L. Crisan, S. Balliu, Mechanical Stability Study of Hydrogenated Styrene-Butadiene Random Copolymers in Lubricating Oils, 10th International Colloquium Tribology, Esslingen, Germany, 1996.

* Florian Florea, Alexandru I. Dragomirescu, Synthetic Non-Newtonian Fluids Based on Polymer Gels. II.- Rheology of Polymer Gels for Determine Their Flow in Pipe-Lines, Slavyantribo-4 Symposium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1997.

* J.E. Puskas, Alex Dragomirescu, Macromolecular Engineering Research Centre Presentation, 1st Annual Research Day, Faculty of Engineering Science, The University of Western Ontario, London, 2001.

* Rudolf Deutschmann, Alexandru Dragomirescu, Judit E. Puskas, On-Line Monitoring of Adsorption Column Saturation and Regeneration by Measurement of Electrical Resistance, 8th International Conference on Fundamentals of Adsorption, Sedona, AZ, 2004.

* Alexandru Dragomirescu, J.E. Puskas, Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on Polyisobutylene, SPE Industry/University Meeting, Canadian Plastics Sector Council, Toronto, 2001.

* Dragomirescu Ion Alexandru, Crisan Livia, Florea Florian, Synthetic Non-Newtonian Fluids Based on Polymer Gels. I.- Research on Synthesis and Practical Applications of Crosslinked Polymers Used in Gel-Plug Technology, Slavyantribo-4 Symposium, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1997.

* Dragomirescu I. Alexandru, Balliu Sotir, Crisan Livia, Hydrogenation Reactions of The Styrene-Butadiene Random Copolymers, International Seminar of Polymer Science and Technology, Shiraz, Iran, 1994.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Jim Waters, Jim Nash, Don Brissette, Weathering Effects on Natural Fibre-Thermoplastic Composites Used for Roofing Applications, Progress in Woodfibre-Plastic Composites 2004 Conference, Toronto, 2004.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Jim Nash, Natural Fiber-Thermoplastic Composites Used for Roofing Applications, The Global Outlook for Natural Fiber & Wood Composites, New Orleans, LA, 2004.

* Alex Dragomirescu, Jim Nash, Acceptance Criteria for Roofing Composite Materials, 8th International Conference on Woodfiber-Plastic Composites, Madison, WI, 2005.

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* Alexandru I. Dragomirescu, Livia Crisan, Sotir Balliu, Ioan Anghelache, Additives for improve cold properties of the fuel oils, Revista de Chimie, 47, 1996.